3 Most Interesting Facts About Portugal

The country of Portugal is not only beautiful but full of surprises. Other than the colorful cities, the country also has some of the most attractive and picture-perfect villages. Over the recent past, thousands of tourists have been visiting the country to view some of its treasures. Therefore, if you are planning to visit, or want to know more about the country, here are 3 most interesting facts.

1. Portugal is the largest exporter of cork in the world

Cork is usually produced from cork oak plant. The oak plant is primarily cultivated in Portugal for commercial purpose. Portugal, unlike other west Mediterranean countries, offers a conducive environment for the growth of the oak plant. It has an abundant and well-distributed rainfall as well as siliceous soil which favors the growth of the oak plant. Nearly one-third of world cork production comes from Portugal. According to the estimates, cork oak is grown in over 2 million hectares of land. The best quality of cork, however, is produced in the province of Algarve and some parts of Alentejo. 

Cork is usually exported to different countries of the world. Several industries, including beverage preservation, use it. According to Portuguese authority, cork exports generates about 16% of the total export income. Most of the export is taken to the direct markets in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, among others.

2. Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe

Located in the northern parts of Lisbon city, Vasco Da Gama Bridge is arguably the longest in the Europe continent. The bridge which is owned by the Portuguese republic covers a total distance of 12,345 meters. The striking bridge spans from the Tagus River until it reaches the south bank of river Montijo. Vasco da Gama Bridge was first opened in 1998 and named after the most famous Portuguese discoverer Vasco da Gama.

The primary purpose for building the bridge was to decongest traffic on Lisbon’s other bridges. Also, it was to prevent traffic between the north and the south parts of the country. With its high suspension, it allows ships to pass under it without any difficulties. People visit Portugal to view the spectacular architectural engineering crowned with apex technology.

3. Portugal has the best surf spots

One cannot deny the fact that Portugal has the best surf spots not only in Europe but worldwide. But what makes it have such an excellent surfing spot? First, Portugal has a prolonged stretching and unique coastline covering about 1,115 miles. What’s more, the coast also boasts of ambiance temperate marine climates as well as excellent food and wines. Together with warm hospitality and stunning beaches, Portugal is, without a doubt, a surf haven.

In the past, surfing has become of of the essential tourist attraction in Portugal. People travel to come and enjoy surfing in the great waves. Some of the most excellent surf spots with sound waves include peniche, Coxos, Praia do Amado, Sagres, and Espinho, among others. Therefore, Portugal is a country worth visiting.